Our Creations are handmade to be used and enjoyed for a lifetime. Care Instructions are attached below to show how to preserve the longevity of your creation.

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  • This cup is suitable for both hot and cold liquids, however, if filled with hot liquids it should NOT exceed 100 degrees. I would strongly recommend not using this cup for hot coffee. If used for hot beverages, over a period of time it will become fragile and the cup can break much easier if accidentally dropped.
  • Do not use bleach or products containing chlorine when cleaning this product.
  • hand wash with cool water is recommended for optimal product care.
  • When hand washing, clean with non - abrasive sponge to prevent surface scratches.
  • DO NOT use in microwave or freeze this item, expect easy breakage if done so.Ā 
  • If any type of problem (cracking, peeling, breakage, etc) occurs within 5 days and all aftercare was properly followed, please reach out to me. After the grace period has passed, all concerns do NOT have a guarantee fix.Ā 


  • Wash Inside Out
  • Machine Wash in Cold Water
  • Do Not Bleach
  • Do Not Dry Clean
  • Iron Inside Out
  • Tumble Dry at Low Heat

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  • A duster can be used over the glass of the frame, as well as around the frame